How to Love Ireland from Abroad

How to Love Ireland From Abroad

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day we’re catching up with three Irish bloggers living abroad to share what they love about home.

Lorna, Jessica and Niamh will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day in style wherever they are (we’ll be celebrating with a Guinness). Scroll down to discover what these Galway gals will be up to on 17 March.

Lorna from Balla living in New York 

Living away from home has made me appreciate it so much more than I ever did while I was living at home. Here are a few of the things I miss…

  • The food. I know Ireland isn’t really known for its cuisine, but you just can’t get food like it anywhere else. Also I live in the US where the bread is sweet, bread should not be sweet – that’s why we have cake 😉 And the chocolate is no Cadbury’s.
  • Our funny sayings. We really do have a whole Irish version of English.
  • The greenness. Living in New York I don’t get to see that much green, especially in the middle of winter (it’s just all brown). It makes me love the green fields even more.
  • The sense of humour and Irish wit.
  • The fresh air – you don’t realise how fresh it is until you don’t have it.
  • Last but not least the people – because we’re the best, of course.

Jessica from Dublin Living in London 

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I came to London 6 years ago and I love it here, but home will always be home. I miss how people say hello to each other on public transport or if you sit beside someone in a coffee shop you might know them…or their friend!

I miss how laid-back everyone is because, sure, everything will ‘be grand’.

I miss Irish banter.

I miss ‘knocking’ over to your friends for a quick cuppa or to borrow some Sally Hansen!

I miss nipping out to the shops for some milk, bumping into a friend and ending up coming home 5 hours later because you went for just one drink (it’s never just one). I grew up in Dun Laoghaire which is right by the sea and I miss seeing the sea every day.

I miss my mother nagging me! And her cooking. Irish chippers, the pier, Irish sayings, Teddys ice cream, walks up Killiney Hill…

The only place to be on St. Patrick’s Day is Dublin. I spent it in New York last year and it was an awful let-down (not to be negative). Nothing beats Ireland in the run-up to Paddy’s!

Niamh from Limerick living in Ireland 

When someone asks me why I love Ireland, I could literally go on for hours but mainly it’s because of the people. I feel like Irish people are a different species. Everyone asks “Howr’yaand if you’re not “sure I’m grand!” then every aspect of your life has to questioned to find a solution. Everyone is always “up for the crack” and no weekend is without a GAA Match where the whole town comes together to support their team! Ireland is like one giant Community; everyone knows everyone and if you know someone from Dublin no doubt you know their cousin down in Cork. Ireland is a united front. The whole country is there to support you and you feel so much love walking down through the streets. From the never-ending green fields to the fashion-filled cities, Ireland really is a little piece of heaven on earth!

Now you know how to love Ireland from abroad tell us how you’ll be celebrating in the comments below!


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